Friday 18 January 2019

Iceland quakes, but no eruption

An earthquake struck the region around Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano while fissures in the area continued to spew out lava - but still none of the ash that could hamper airline traffic.

The earthquake reached a magnitude of 5.4, making it one of the bigger quakes in the area in central Iceland since significant tremors began on August 16.

"There was also another quake, magnitude 4.6 in the night," said Bergthora Thorbjarnardottir, geologist at the Icelandic Meteorological Office.

Ten die as small plane crashes

A small airplane has crashed minutes after take-off in Colombia's southern jungle, killing all 10 people aboard.

The Air Force was carrying out efforts to retrieve the bodies of the eight passengers and two crew members, who were traveling to Florencia, the capital of Caqueta department.

The aviation agency published a photo on Facebook of a column of dark smoke rising over the jungle.

Rare lobsters caught - twice

It's no white lie: Two lobstermen in Maine caught a pair of rare albino lobsters within a week.

Bret Philbrick caught the curious crustacean off of Owls Head on Thursday and Joe Bates caught one off the Rockland breakwater days earlier. Albino lobsters are believed to be about one in 100 million.

The lobsters are under legal size and would normally have to be returned to the ocean but the Marine Patrol made an exception.

Bill Murray gets his own holiday

The Toronto Film Festival turned its second day into a very welcome new holiday, Bill Murray Day, an honour the comedian received, naturally, with bemusement.

"I get to park wherever I want," said Murray, appearing for a Q&A following a screening of Ghostbusters.

Bill Murray Day saw a marathon of Murray classics screened (Stripes and Groundhog Day, along with Ghostbusters) ahead of the premiere of Murray's latest, the upcoming next-door neighbour comedy St. Vincent.

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