Wednesday 16 January 2019

I would love to make Moone Boy: The Movie

I FINISHED filming the third and potentially final season of Moone Boy this summer, but a movie might be on the cards.

Chris O'Dowd is at the height of his career but he really wants to make Moone Boy into a movie, so hopefully that will happen.

Filming a movie is on an entirely different scale to TV so it would be brilliant for all of us to work on a big production together.

The crew on Moone Boy became a little family over the three seasons, and I have to say I absolutely loved that job.

When you're an actor and you get a job where you get to work in Ireland with amazing people, you just can't compare it to a nine-to-five job.

It was such an amazing project because we were so close by the time we made the last season.

When you do the first season you don't really know each other and everyone is a bit shy, but by the third season we were like a little family.

It's wonderful when you get to that place and you know people really well and you're able to make fun of each other on set.

brilliant I'm really going to miss filming the show in Ireland every summer.

It was great for my children, Holly and Daniel, to come and spend time with me here while I'm working.

We had weekends off while we were filming, which was brilliant.

When you're an actor and have children, each new job can bring a new set of problems.

When we filmed Noble in Vietnam for 10 weeks, it was a massive adventure.

We took them out of school and we had two nannies who took care of them while we were filming, but it was brilliant to travel as a family.

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