Thursday 23 November 2017

'I would love to have a sibling for Sam' - DJ Louise

2FM presenter Louise McSharry and husband Gordon Spierin
2FM presenter Louise McSharry and husband Gordon Spierin

2fm DJ Louise McSharry may only recently have returned to work after having her first baby, but she's already thinking about expanding her family and would love to give little son Sam a brother or sister.

Louise has always been open about how her treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma decimated her egg count, but luckily she got pregnant fairly quickly with husband Gordon Spierin.

"All of the challenges we had when having Sam are still there. I feel magnificently lucky to have Sam, but I would like a second child," she said.

"People also tell me that the second child is easier, so I keep telling myself that. I also think it would be great for Sam to have a brother or sister.

"But if it doesn't happen, I'm perfectly fine with that too. We're very lucky to have Sam in the first place."

Louise had a complicated relationship with her own biological mum Dee, who died in a hospital in Chic- ago in May last year while she was pregnant with Sam.

She admits she's saddened that her mum never got the chance to see her baby, giving them the chance at a new relationship.

"I think that everything I am now doing with Sam, Dee once did with me," she said.

"It's also awfully sad that she never got to see Sam because she would have loved that.


"I also think it would have been great to have had a fresh relationship that had nothing to do with the bad times - in some ways, a new beginning. But that wasn't meant to be."

Louise also spoke to the RTE Guide this week about the pressures of becoming a first-time mum, having breast-fed Sam until he was four-months-old before having to give it up.

She said that now she's a mother, she's not so quick to judge others.

"Before I breast-fed, I would have been quite judgmental, thinking that if it wasn't working it was only because the mother hadn't tried hard enough," said Louise.

"I now know that I was an idiot thinking that. I still hope that if I have a second child I'll be able to have that journey.

"But it doesn't always work out, and it's okay to let it go if it isn't working and it's detrimental to you and your family."

Louise, who fronts a popular evening show on 2FM on weekdays, is now concentrating on herself for a while and will take on her first ever 10km run this summer as an ambas- sador for Dublin Rock N' Roll.

It takes place in August, but Louise has already started training for the big event.

"I'm still nowhere near doing the 5km. I run with Sam in the buggy - I'm not fast, so it's okay for him," she said.

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