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'I would love to film a Bachelors Walk reunion' - Simon


simon delaney

simon delaney

simon delaney

Irish actor Simon Delaney has revealed that he would be open to a Bachelors Walk reunion.

The drama about three lads living in an apartment on the northside quays was a huge hit for RTE when it debuted in 2001.

Now Simon says he would love to do another project with the characters.

"Yeah, it would be great because they were such great characters you would love to revisit them," he told the Herald.


"I'd love to know where they are now. My character would have been in the middle of the Celtic Tiger and he would have got swallowed up.

"Michael, I'd say, is working in a bar in Queens drinking most of the wages."

Simon admitted that he was disappointed his policeman character didn't return in season two of The Fall.

"Obviously the writers were interested in developing other characters. I'm referred to in it because my pals text me saying, 'We are talking about you'.

"It's a huge hit, a brilliantly written show, and I am sad because the writer directed the second series but my character could come back in season three."

Simon (42) is still auditioning for roles but has changed his focus slightly as he works on developing his own production companies.

"I'm still trying out for stuff. When Christmas finishes it's pilot season which is kind of manic because your US agents want you to spend five or six weeks on the ground over there," he said.

"That's very hard to do when you have three small kids and you have work commitments here."

Simon currently has two production companies - Three Lads Media and Curveball Films - and is working on a feature film about how Irish people influenced baseball in America.

"It's called Saint, Sinners and Sluggers and the tag line is 'How the Irish transformed America's national pastime: baseball'," he said.


"It's about how we have had an impact on baseball since the 1860s to today. When Irish people went to the US and started to integrate they wanted to become more accepted and the way to do that was through sport."

Simon will judge the Musical Theatre categories at the Bord Gais Energy Student Theatre Awards and will act as the MC at the awards ceremony next March.

And he'll be returning to his musical theatre roots to star in the Christmas panto Aladdin at the Olympia Theatre.