Wednesday 19 September 2018

'I would give my arm to kiss your beautiful face again' - mum of tragic teenager Ana Hick posts heartbreaking tribute

Ana Hick on her debs night (Photo: Facebook/Elga Hick)
Ana Hick on her debs night (Photo: Facebook/Elga Hick)
Ana Hick (Photo: Facebook/Elga Hick)
Ana Hick dreamed of becoming an actress (Photo: Facebook/Elga Hick)
Ana Hick pictured as a young girl with her mother Elga (Photo: Facebook/Elga Hick)
Ana Hick on her debs night (Photo: Facebook/Elga Hick)

The grieving mother of tragic teenager Ana Hick says she misses her only child and would do anything to see her "beautiful face" again.

Ana (18), who passed away two days after she collapsed outside a Dublin city centre nightclub in May, died just two days before her 19th birthday.

A garda investigation is underway into the circumstances surrounding her death - it is suspected she may have taken a number of ecastasy tablets before suffering a cardiac arrest.

Taking to her Facebook page, Ana's mother Elga said she was struggling to deal with the death of her only child.

"Feel so empty without my beautiful little girl," she wrote.

"I would give an arm for, no literally an arm, for it all to be a bad dream and to kiss your beautiful face one more time. I love you," she wrote.

The grieving mum posted a number of photographs of Ana as an infant and toddler.

She also thanked staff at the Dublin city centre club the Twisted Pepper and the Mater Hospital for doing all they could to save her stricken daughter.

Ana, who was from Dalkey, South County Dublin, was out with a number of friends when the incident occurred.

Hundreds of people attended Ana's funeral in Dalkey in May.

Ana was remembered as a caring and loving girl, talented, popular and full of life at her funeral.

Her mother, Elga, supported by Ana's dad Tim, spoke bravely and eloquently of her only child.

“Ana was larger than life. She came smashing into Tim’s and my life like a comet and she was welcomed immediately into our lives,” she said.

Fr Patrick Devitt added: “Her short life was like a comet that lit up the sky and then left us.”

He said Ana had been christened and made her communion in the same church and invited mourners not only to weep for her but to laugh for her too as she “goes home to heaven”.

She was laid to rest at Shanganagh Cemetery.

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