Friday 15 December 2017

I won't talk, not even for €1m, says 'arrogant' thug John

John Gilligan. Photo: Courtpix
John Gilligan. Photo: Courtpix

GANGSTER John Gilligan has said he will not do any interviews after his release from prison – even for €1m.

In a bizarre letter to the Herald, a solicitor acting for Gilligan said he will not speak about his time behind bars.

Garda sources say this is not a major surprise as they believe he has stashed away millions of euro abroad.

The correspondence states: "Mr Gilligan wants it to be expressly known that even if each paper, magazine and or television station offered him one million euro, he will not give an interview."

The Herald understands that no media outlet has made any offer to pay the thug to tell his story.



A senior source pointed out: "This shows the breathtaking arrogance of the man. If he displays this arrogance with other criminals when he gets out next week, he won't be alive for very much longer.

"He has plenty of enemies and no gang to back him up any more, so he really would be best advised to keep his head down and get out of the country as soon as possible."

Convicted drugs trafficker Gilligan, who is suspected of ordering the murder of crime journalist Veronica Guerin in June 1996, is due to be released from Ireland's highest security prison at Portlaoise on Tuesday.

The letter from his solicitor states that he continues to be "engaged in litigation with various authorities" in Ireland.

This is despite the fact that the Criminal Assets Bureau put his prized Jessbrook equestrian centre up for sale last month after a 17-year-legal battle which cost Irish taxpayers millions of euro because he claimed legal aid.

He is expected to leave the country as soon as he can secure a passport.

A media frenzy is expected to greet him when he walks out of Portlaoise.

He was cleared in 2001 of murdering Ms Guerin, but was convicted by the Special Criminal Court in March 2001 on 11 counts of importing cannabis resin and possession for sale or supply, and was sentenced to 28 years in prison.

This was reduced to 20 years on appeal.



He was also convicted in 2002 of threatening to kill two prison officers and given a two-year sentence, which has run consecutively after the 20-year term.

He got further jail time after being caught with a mobile phone behind bars.

From prison, Gilligan continued to lose his influence, but HE is still friendly with a number of major gangsters behind bars.


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