Saturday 22 September 2018

'I won't be screamed at', says OT's fiery Sean

Sean and Yvonne get ready for the Fire Brigade Challenge
Sean and Yvonne get ready for the Fire Brigade Challenge

Tensions reached an all-time high on last night's Operation Transformation when leader Sean stormed off during the Fire Brigade Challenge.

It all became too much for the Specsavers manager when he was shouted at by Station Officer Dave Connolly.

Sean rushed to the aid of fellow leader Mairead when he saw she was having some difficulty getting the hose together. "I ran in because I could see she was struggling," he said.

However, Connolly quickly berated the Clondalkin man for not letting the pastry chef do it herself.


When he ordered Sean to return to his task, the leader began to walk off. When Connolly shouted at him, Sean told him to "f**k off".

"I never will deal well with someone screaming in my face," said Sean.

Football coach Chris had to stand on the sidelines because he had a chest infection and was ordered by his doctor not to take part in any physical activity.

With Sean gone, it was left to Mairead, Marie and Yvonne to finish the task.

Despite the setback, Sean lost 4lb at the weigh-in, beating his target of 3lb and bringing his total weight loss to two stones.

At the weigh-in, dietitian Aoife Hearne was full of encouragement.

"Well done, Sean, 28lb of butter gone from your body," she said.

"Like, that is really massive stuff.

"We all start off with real high motivation, but what you showed us this week was what happens when you've changed your food, when your house is set up to do the right thing."

After the weigh-in, Sean said: "I'm feeling great. I've lost the equivalent of a toddler.

"I'm absolutely loving it."

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