Friday 24 January 2020

'I will miss having somebody to rely on', says Vogue as she moves into own pad

Vogue Williams, Francesco Macari (left) and Antonio Macari celebrate the Just Eat National Takeaway Awards
Vogue Williams, Francesco Macari (left) and Antonio Macari celebrate the Just Eat National Takeaway Awards

She's taking the next bold step as a singleton, but Vogue Williams has admitted she's daunted by the prospect of living on her own.

The presenter (30) has lived with ex-husband Brian Mc- Fadden since they announced their split in July, and said it will be strange moving out because it has been 10 years since she lived on her own.

Vogue met McFadden just months after breaking up with artist and boyfriend of five years Maser, and she told the Herald she will miss having someone to "rely on".

However, she is looking forward to being independent as she moves into her new London pad this week.

"I'm moving in on Saturday - I've already got it, I just haven't been there," she said.

"I haven't lived without a partner for a decade. I went from one relationship straight into another, so that part is going to be weird.

"Even though I haven't had to rely on anyone, it's nice to have that other person.

"It'll be weird for me living on my own but I'll be grand, I have my dog."

Spin 1038 DJ Vogue, who has been pictured on several nights out with McFadden since they split, said the former Westlife singer is helping her to move into her new place.

However, she insisted their split is not just a publicity stunt, and the reason she has stayed close to her ex is for the sake of his children, Molly and Lilly Sue.

"I can understand why people think it, but I can think of better ways of getting myself publicity than breaking up with someone," she said.


"I'm friends with all my exes now, but there's always been a gap of a year, two years or even three years.

"This time it hasn't worked out like that, mainly, I think, because of his kids.

"I get on really well with them and I don't want to make it any weirder for them."

Vogue back in Ireland to attend last night's Just Eat National Takeaway Awards after a brief visit last month to celebrate her 30th birthday with friends - and McFadden - in Dublin nightclub Xico.

Turning 30 hasn't fazed the statuesque blonde, although she admitted she would "definitely" consider cosmetic surgery as she gets older

"I wouldn't go wild, but in your 40s or 50s if you wanted a bit of botox I don't see a problem with it," said Vogue.

"I don't think I'd get my boobs done or anything - you can just go to Victoria's Secret and buy one of those massive bras."

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