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I will give our youth a voice, says FF hopeful

A Fianna Fail candidate who is running in a north-Dublin ward in the local elections has said that he wants to be a voice for youth in the Balbriggan area.

First-time election candidate Darrell Mooney (pictured) told

“I feel that they have no representation and nobody seems to care about them. They are there but are silent with no voice. I want to be their voice.

“If elected I plan to lobby actively to try to gain more sports recreation, facilities, amenities and services for young people in this area.”

Mr Mooney believes that if there is more investment in this area it will lead to a reduction in crimes such as vandalism, anti-social behaviour and alcohol and drug abuse.

The candidate, who is a school teacher at Balbriggan Community College, added: “If there is more for youth to do in the area we will be a healthier society.

“Then the millions of euro that the Government spends on advertising for people to be more active, to reduce eating disorders and obesity, could be hugely reduced.”