Wednesday 20 November 2019

'I wasn't born to constantly be on a diet', says Roz

Former model Roz Purcell is happy with her body. Photo: Kieran Harnett
Former model Roz Purcell is happy with her body. Photo: Kieran Harnett

Former beauty queen Roz Purcell has spoken out about her battle with body image during her time as one of the country's top model.

The former Miss Universe Ireland has been campaigning to highlight the issue over the past few months to promote body positivity as part of her Bite Back podcast.

Roz revealed that she is often asked how she has coped with putting on weight.

She said it is the question that her followers post most frequently.


"The truth is, I had to go back and undo so much bulls*it I had ingrained in my beliefs, that came from society's messages of what the perfect body is and front the industry I was in," she said.

"I also had to shed my very big ego.

"Understanding that I was enough without be- ing a certain number, that people would like me whatever size and if they didn't, that wasn't my problem."

She said that accepting herself is something that will be an ongoing struggle and that she is aware that certain things will always trigger negative feelings, but she has received so much support online.

"I will always have a small part of me that likes to doubt my worth and think I would be better smaller," she said.

"Then I remember I wasn't born to constantly f**king diet and feel I need to lose weight.

"My body isn't just for show and allows me to do things that make me happy."

Roz added that she understands how many people are naturally very slim, but she previously put a lot of pressure on her body to be that small.

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