Thursday 24 January 2019

'I was so starstruck by The Boss that I got out of lift on wrong floor' - Tubs

Ryan Tubridy with Bruce Springsteen
Ryan Tubridy with Bruce Springsteen

Ryan Tubridy may have interviewed some of the world's biggest celebrities over the years, but he has revealed just how starstruck he was left after meeting Bruce Springsteen for the first time.

For the first time in almost 30 years, The Late Late Show travelled abroad to pre-record an interview with a guest - The Boss.

Host Tubridy got to London's Claridge's hotel for the interview - which aired on The Late Late Show last night - at 4.15pm but wasn't due in until 4.45pm.

"I had to go to the sixth floor, but I suppose in the run of things, whatever, [I] pressed the sixth button and the lift got to a floor, and the lift doors opened," he said.

"As we were trying to get out of the lift there were three people standing trying to get into the lift.

"You know when you get out of the train and you see people trying to get on? It was Bruce Springsteen, with two [other] heads.

"I looked at him and I had that moment that you have when you meet somebody really famous that you've never met before, which is: 'You're not real. You're from Madame Tussaud's or you are a cartoon and you can't be standing in front of me at a lift trying to get in because I'm trying to get out, that's just too weird'.

"I said, 'Oh hello!' and I stuck my hand out and said, 'I'm talking to you'.

"And he said, 'Yeah, I know!' And I said, 'I mean later!' Oh God."


The RTE star was so flustered, he ended up getting out at the third floor instead of the sixth.

But he told listeners to his RTE Radio 1 show how the superstar known as The Boss couldn't have been more charming in person.

He even gave Tubridy a bottle of whiskey as a gift.

The singer even tried to get Tubs to have a glass during the interview, but he said that he would be "useless" after having a drink.

"So I said: 'Hold off that but you have one'," Tubridy said.

"He said, 'I'd love one'. So he poured himself a nice shot of that and when you're looking at the interview later on you'll see the glass."

Tubridy said the fact that Springsteen had a whiskey himself gave their interview a certain ambiance.

"It made it very relaxed, like old-school chat shows where you can smoke or drink during the chat. And he just chilled out," he said.

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