Saturday 20 January 2018

I was so poor I had to water down milk - Jack


He's a successful Hollywood actor, but Jack Reynor said he has experienced times when money was particularly tight.

The Wicklow actor, who starred in Hollywood blockbuster Transformers 4, said that his own story was far from glamorous living.

The What Richard Did star (23) said he could identify with his penniless character in new film Glassland as he also spent a "substantial portion" of his life with very little money.

"It was a very personal film for me," he said.

"There was quite a substantial portion of my life when I've lived very similarly to my character John and not had any money and done things like put water in my milk to have my breakfast."

Reynor admitted he could also relate to the Irish film's emphasis on alcoholism as it is something he has witnessed first hand.

"Addiction is something I'd certainly experienced in my own family," he told the International Business Times.

Earlier this week, the IFTA winner said he will be taking a break from acting due to exhaustion, adding that he is "wrecked".

After a hectic year of filming, he said he will take time off work until autumn when he will return for "exciting" new project.

"I'm going to take probably six months off now and just have a nice, long break because it's been seven films back-to-back," he said.

"I'm pretty wrecked from it all. It's been an amazing experience, but I'm really wrecked from it now.

"So I'll take six months then I have a project in September that I'm very excited about."

The busy star is also preparing to marry his model girlfriend Madeline Mulqueen in the summer. The pair, who have been engaged since early last year, are reportedly planning a top-secret celebration in Madeline's native Limerick.

On a less happier note, Reynor is also facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit from two women who claim to have been hit by a car he was driving and are suing him for damages.


According to legal documents filed with the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County, Loren Dehenes and Julie Shepherd claim the actor hit them with his car in LA and are seeking combined damages of $2m.

Reynor is being sued alongside his Delivery Man co-star Brittany Leanna 'Britt' Robertson (24) following the incident, which allegedly took place in 2012.

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