Wednesday 23 January 2019

I was set on fire by bullies at city hostel

A YOUNG homeless woman claims she was set on fire by bullies who attacked her for money -- and fears that her face will be scarred for life.

Linda Evans (22), who lives at a south Dublin hostel, said that her head was set on fire in a random attack while she lay in her bed by a woman who demanded money from her.

The distressed woman told the Herald: "I was just lit on fire. It was over money. A girl set me on fire in the hostel. I was in my room asleep and she came into my room and set me on fire."

Her friend Monica said Linda found it difficult to talk, and her injury was now turning septic.


"Her ears are burning off her, and her hair is gone from the side of her head. From her ear to the back of her neck is all burned.

"They just poured the petrol over her face, and the top of her ear is gone. She's sitting crying because she can't let the sun near it. It hurts her. "

Linda and Monica both claim that Linda was subjected to a brutal attack by bullies.

Monica added: "They thought that she collected her money on the Tuesday but she didn't. She told them she had no money and this is what happened."


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