Thursday 18 January 2018

I was a tomboy, never a girly-girl ... I liked to burn things, laughs fashion icon Angela

RED HOT: In-demand Scanlon ready to broaden her TV career

She's known for her infectious enthusiasm, impeccable sense of style and flaming locks.

And Angela Scanlon's star is continuing to rise.

She bagged every girl's dream job this year; modelling Louis Vuitton's latest monster tote bag, was dubbed the next Alexa Chung and has been snapped by any issue of Vogue that's worth reading.

Not bad for a girl from Ratoath. But the 28-year-old says she's ready to take a step back from the fashion world and wants to spend more time exploring her TV career.

"I have a list of things the length of my arm I would love to make shows about – from fembots to freckles," she says excitedly.


"Fashion programmes tend to be quite niche, so it's nice showing there's a bit more going on in there," she laughs, gesturing towards her temple.

"Not just shoes and jeans."

The chatty red-head has just wrapped upcoming documentary Oi Ginger! for RTE 2 – a show all about the trails and tribulations of being a red-head.

"We tackle 'gingerism' – prejudice towards red heads," she explains. "I had a ball making it."

Angela's introduction to the autumn slate – alongside Vogue McFadden and Darren Kennedy – is part of a new strategy instigated by controller of the channel, Bill Malone.

The revamped channel will now focus on younger audiences and will feature younger, fresher faces.

And it looks like RTE managed to nab Angela in the nick of time.

With radio slots on the BBC, regular columns in some of the UK's best selling magazines and fashion powerhouses following her every tweet, she's an in-demand lady.

Angela first came to viewers' attention as a super stylish stylist doing bite-sized fashion inserts on Off The Rails. But she soon realised she found TV more exciting then styling shoots.

"Dragging bags around town is exhausting," she explains.

"I love it but you do start to feel like a donkey. TV puts me on edge. It excites me and that's why I want to do more of it."

Angela is a dynamo of energy; she chatters rapidly and is forever taking off pieces of jewellery, placing them on table tops and putting them back five seconds later. But she lacks the pretension that can often surround the fashion industry.

"I got into it by accident. I never really considered myself that fashion-y. I was never a girly-girl – I was more of tomboy, I liked building huts and burning things," she laughs.

"But then I suppose when I look back there are moments that suggested I had my own mind when it came to clothes.

"For my Communion I was adamant I was going to wear black shoes – and that was final."

The second of four girls, Angela studied Business at DIT, before travelling around the States, South East Asia and Australia.

"After travelling, I came back home and started working in a boutique. I was thinking of opening my own shop, but realised in about a week that I hated it."

After giving up that gig, Angela considered setting up her own T-shirt label before bumping into stylist Aisling Farinella.

"I had no idea that being a stylist was an actual job, so I started assisting her – I set up a blog – because I heard they were a big deal – and started doing some TV stuff."


Since then, Angela has appeared on the short-lived Movie Show and The Love Clinic for RTE.

She now splits her time between London and Dublin, has just started writing a regular column for Company Magazine, and has a slot on BBC Radio One with Gemma Cairney.

"I'm over in London a good bit, but Dublin is my base and Dublin is my home," she says firmly. "But it's great going back and forth. Radio is good craic. I have lots of chinwags with Gemma Cairney. The slot is called That's Soooo OTM – it's a lot of fun."

She may be interested in venturing away from the world of fashion but Angela has style in spades and has caught the attention of fashion editors around the world.

She's just been shot for the Japanese editions of Elle and Vogue. "I guess being a ginge is fairly unusual in that part of the world. Maybe they think I'm some sort of alien," she jokes.

Angela describes her style as 'mismatched', 'boyish' and 'schizophrenic' with a passion for extremely ugly shoes.

It may sound shambolic, but it works, and she was recently hand-picked by Louis Vuitton to showcase their new tote, the Neverfull.

Next month, she will be back in London to host London Fashion Weekend. "I'm hosting the main stage. You get to chat to designers – it's mental, but great fun."


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