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I wanted to be rock band drummer, says Keith

Boyzone singer Keith Duffy has revealed that he wanted to be a drummer in a rock group rather than a singer in a boy band when he was growing up.

Keith (40) has been with Boyzone for 21 years but says he never thought that's what his future held for him.

"I was more into the U2 kind of thing. My dream as a kid growing up was always to be a drummer in a rock band certainly not to be in a crystal-clean type of boy band," he said.

Keith also revealed that their new Motown album is one of his favourites the band have made.

"It's one of the first Boyzone album's that I enjoy putting on and listening to myself," he said.

The dad-of-two also said that he might give Louis Walsh's new band Hometown some tips when he meets them at the Childline concert later this month.


"I'm looking forward to meeting them and trying to remember what it was like to be young," he laughed.

"You go through this industry and you could be in the band for years and years but the new bands that come along and the last thing they want to hear is advice from the older guys," he admitted.

"But it would be nice though to try and teach some of the lads not to have some of the pitfalls that we had because some of the times you go through in the band can be tough but when you're famous and more people know you than you know them it can bring on problems and insecurities and there's no need for it if they watch themselves going forward," he explained.

He also revealed that he may have to undergo surgery after injuring his shoulders while taking part in reality show Splash where celebs were taught how to dive by Olympic diver Tom Daley.

"Unfortunately I hurt my shoulders diving, they're still actually very sore. I think I've damaged the rotator cuffs in both of my shoulders," he said.

"It's an ongoing problem, I think I'm going to have to have some keyhole surgery done to be honest.

"When you're hitting the water from the ten-metre board you're hitting the water at like 36 miles an hour and you lock your arms out to break the water for the rest of your body to go through.

"I suppose over the stage of 45 to 55 hours of training I've done a bit of damage," he admitted to Nicky Byrne and Jenny Greene on 2FM.

Boyzone's new Motown album From Dublin To Detroit will be released on November 24 and will paly the Childline concert on Nov 30.