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I want to shoot my movie in ireland, says caroline


Caroline Morahan

Caroline Morahan

Fergal Phillips

'Tea with Caroline Morahan'. 18/6/14 Picture by Fergal Phillips

'Tea with Caroline Morahan'. 18/6/14 Picture by Fergal Phillips

Fergal Phillips

Caroline Morahan

Caroline Morahan is penning her own rom-com and wants to produce it in Ireland, the Diary can reveal.

The former RTE star has written the Pretty Woman style movie over the last couple of months, and wants it to be on par with smash hit comedy, The Hangover.

"I've been writing it for the past couple of months it's really been such a laugh," she said.

"I have big plans for it. I really want to get it made, and I want to shoot it in Ireland.

"I've been really inspired by friends who have produced their own work and I think it's the way to go, because you spend so much time as an actress waiting for other people to give you a job.


"You put your heart and soul into every audition that you don't have control of, so this is something that gives me a bit of control and a bit of room to do my own creative work. It's really fulfilling," she added.

And Caroline (37) said she wanted it to be a romantic comedy to be able to push women to the forefront of the movie.

"I like it when women are being really, really funny and I haven't laughed really hard at a big budget comedy for a long time," she revealed.

"The Hangover was the first time for years that I really found myself laughing out loud at a movie, and I always think there are so many examples of male-led comedies.

"Then Bridesmaids came along and I thought, 'Well, that is something that is so long overdue; something that is more female focussed'.

"I want something that is laugh out loud, spit your popcorn out of your mouth funny. I want really belly laughs," she added.


And not content with penning her own movie, Caroline is also coming home this Christmas to make her acting debut at The Abbey Theatre.

She's teaming up with comedian Jon Kenny (above) for the festive production of She Stoops to Conquer.

Rehearsals have already started and Caroline says that she is "giddy with excitement".

"It's my Abbey debut and I get to wear a fantastic frock - what more could you want?"

Caroline will take on the leading role of Miss Kate Hardcastle in Oliver Goldsmith's farcical romp while Kenny will play her father the bustling Mr Hardcastle.

The costumes for the show have been designed by the wonderful Joan O'Cleary.

"My jaw hit the floor when I saw them. There are lots of silks and feathers and hats. We're even contemplating throwing in a hand fan or two," she gushed.