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'I want to run my own tech company and launch a fashion app' - Emma

Former Miss Ireland Emma Waldron wants to start her own tech company, the Diary can reveal.

The Kildare beauty attended the Web Summit last week and has plans for her own smartphone app.

"I'm setting up a fashion app but I don't want to talk about the ins and outs of it until I get it off the ground but I'm very excited about it," she told the Diary.

Emma (25) was also a delegate at the US Embassy Youth Council, also held last week.

"It's a three-day conference about innovation and leadership skills and building and fostering new relationships and skills," Emma said.

"There were 100 participants from Ireland and the UK and I just had an incredible few days meeting lots of new people and attending lots of different events.

"On Thursday night we attended a speech given by Gay Byrne at the US ambassador's residence, he talked about his life, gave advice to us as young people going out into the working world and spoke about life skills.

"We went on site visits to different companies like Hewlett Packard, UCD, Twitter, basically to different companies that are all about innovation and technology skills," she added.

And between both conferences, Emma is hoping that she'll gain lots of new contacts and skills that she can transfer into starting her own start-up.

"Attending these events has been about personal development and learning new skills. I loved every minute of it - I always enjoyed building and making things as a kid whether it was jewellery boxes or Christmas cards and now I'm transferring that love to tech," she said.


And Emma will still be modelling while she develops her new fashion app.

"I got a modelling contract with MSA Models in New York and they're a really fun agency. When I'm not doing that, I'll have the start-up company on the side, look for investment and hire a team and all that side of things," she said.

But the top model is hoping she doesn't have to jet back to the States until after Christmas.

"At this stage I think it makes sense to just stay at home until after Christmas," she said.

"It doesn't really make sense to go and come back again then in December unless of course the agency want me to come back, but I think it should be fine.

"Plus, it's nice to get to spend time with my friends and family here for a while."