Thursday 18 January 2018

I want to get married and have kids - Mark


Former Westlife star Markus Feehily has revealed that he hopes to get married and start a family one day.

The openly-gay singer (34) said marriage has always been a dream for him and that he hopes that he will be able to wed in soon if the same-sex marriage referendum passes.

"Marriage and kids to me, it's always been part of the dream and hopefully I can do that in my home country pretty soon as well," the Sligo native said on Loose Women.

Markus also said he's happy now he's found love.

"I'm in a relationship now. I was in a relationship for a long time and then I was single for a little bit and now I'm back in a relationship," the singer explained.

"I'm definitely happier and more content in a relationship with a companion around."

Last week, the singer opened up about his struggles with his sexuality, and said that his heart sank when he realised at a young age that he was gay, and that his life was going to become more difficult.

"There is a moment, I think, when your heart sinks and you're like: 'God, I'm in for a bit of a bumpy ride here'," he said.


"Me and my friends would be going to teenage discos and they'd be getting the shift around the corner and all that stuff.

"Your heart kind of sinks, really."

Speaking on the Saturday Night Show, the solo artist admitted that he felt as if he had to hide his sexuality for many years.

"I remember literally thinking, 'you know what, I'm just going to forget about it'," he said.

"I just shut it away."

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