Tuesday 23 January 2018

'I very nearly fell head over heels for Prince Charles' - Lorraine Keane


Lorraine Keane
Lorraine Keane
Prince Charles

Lorraine Keane has revealed how she almost fell head over her heels for Prince Charles when he last visited Ireland almost 20 years ago.

The heir to the British throne was attending an event for children's charity Angel's Quest in Blackrock when Lorraine almost tumbled into him in 1995.

"It was during his first visit and he was opening the first respite home for Angel's Quest. The founder, Deirdre Kelly, asked me to host the event and to introduce Prince Charles to cut the red ribbon," Lorraine told the Herald.


"I was chatting away to some parents and their children and I was kind of on my hunkers chatting away because some of them were in wheelchairs so I didn't hear my name being called from the stage to do the introduction.

"By the time I heard it, I realised they'd been calling me for ages so I charged up and I didn't see that there was a lovely big sound cable across the front of the stage.

"And naturally I managed to trip - I didn't actually fall, thank goodness, but I did kind of land sort of gracefully. I literally did get very close to him - I almost fell into him.

"It looked like I was genuflecting to him, that I was doing a bit of a bow because I kind of stalled a bit and stumbled and ended up looking like I was curtseying.

"Then I realised I had forgotten my notes in all the commotion so I had to wing it but it worked out fine."

While she had quite the introduction to Charles, Lorraine (41) said he wasn't at all stuffy.

"It's funny, because you'd expect somebody like him to be a bit uptight," she said.

"He always comes across as being quite reserved, but actually he's really approachable and far less reserved than you'd imagine.

"I introduced him and chatted and then myself and Deirdre walked around with him and he took loads of time with the families at the Angel Quest home.

"He was there for an hour, he was fantastic."


Lorraine has not only met the future king, she has met his mother.

"When I met the Queen in 2011 she was doing her meet and greet but she wasn't really stopping and chatting to anybody," she said.

"But when she went to say 'How do you do?' to me I was able to holler at her, 'I met your son' and so she paused and stopped to chat about it, which was great.

"That was wonderful to get a few moments with her as well - it was very special."

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