Friday 15 December 2017

I tried to kill before - strangler

THE young man who strangled his fiancee in a psychotic episode, also tried to kill another woman, it’s been revealed.

Crazed killer Gerard O’Hara admitted choking part-time model Lisa Doyle, saying he was overcome by the urge to kill.

Now it’s been revealed he attempted to strangle another woman during a one night stand.

O’Hara (32) told gardai he tried to kill the woman four or five years previously but that she was strong and managed to escape. The psycho told detectives he had the urge to strangle “once or twice a year”.

O’Hara was jailed for life for killing Lisa Doyle (24) on September 20, 2009.

His girlfriend Lisa was unable to scream out but said her killer's name faintly as she was being killed, the court heard.

Detective Garda Brendan Murphy told the court that O'Hara had turned up to Leighlinbridge Garda Station in Carlow in an agitated state on the morning of September 30.

He said the accused, who was shouting and pulling at his hair, pointed to a letter which was headed with his own address and read: “I have done a terrible thing to Lisa.”

The letter went on to say that O'Hara “could never explain” what he had done because he did not know why.

O'Hara wrote that when he drank alcohol he had “terrible thoughts”, adding that he loved his fiancee with all his heart and that she deserved better.

Det Garda Murphy told the court that O'Hara had removed both his shoes when he was placed in the cell and indicated that he had used the right shoelace to strangle his fiancee.

When gardai arrived at the house in Leighlinbridge, they found Ms Doyle's fully clothed body lying under a duvet in an upstairs bedroom. Ms Aileen Donnelly, prosecuting, told the court that Lisa had died from asphyxiation due to mechanical compression of the neck.

During an interview with gardai, O'Hara told detectives he had spent the Saturday night socialising with Lisa's sister and her partner. Det Garda Murphy agreed with Ms Donnelly that others had remarked how O'Hara and Lisa appeared to be in high spirits and that CCTV footage showed them holding hands as they walked to a pub.

The couple returned home in the early hours of Sunday. O'Hara said that as Lisa lay with her back to him, he strangled her by placing his left arm around her neck and using his right arm to tighten the hold.

He told gardai he then reached down to the floor, removed a shoelace and used this to again strangle her.

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