Saturday 25 November 2017

I thought I was 'up the creek' ... but I'll fight killer disease - Colm

RTE presenter Colm Murray has revealed he thought he was "up s*** creek" when he found out he had Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

The dad-of-two admitted he focused on three words when he heard the devastating news of his illness: progressive, incurable and terminal.

However, since discovering he had MND, the broadcaster has vowed to put his experience to good use.

Colm (58) said he is determined to find a cure for the condition and help raise awareness. "Maybe there is something I can do in the public arena by virtue of the fact I am, to a certain extent, reasonably well known and I would be identified with this condition.

"I could maybe heighten awareness," Colm said in documentary MND -- The Inside Track. "I didn't choose this, I didn't put in for it. Nobody in their senses would dream of putting in for it but this is the hand of cards I have been dealt.

"I am determined after many months of trying to get my head around everything that would, in so far as I was able, devote myself to the quest or cause of research or aiding and abetting research," he added, stating that MND changed his life forever.

The sports commentator opened up about his condition on a special documentary on RTE One last night.

Colm, who was given the news that he had the debilitating disease on March 30, 2010, is taking part in a number of international trials as doctors attempt to find a cure.

"I am bloody well sure I am not going to let this thing change me. I see no reason why I should grant it that power or authority so to hell with it," said the pundit, who is now confined to a wheelchair.


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