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'I talk to Dad's ashes and still buy him treats in shops', says Claudia


Claudia Carroll enjoying quality time with her mother Anne and late father Claude.

Claudia Carroll enjoying quality time with her mother Anne and late father Claude.

Claudia Carroll enjoying quality time with her mother Anne and late father Claude.

Actress and author Claudia Carroll has spoken about coping with grief since her father died earlier this year.

Claudia said things had been "up and down" for her in the past few months.

The former Fair City star said she still sometimes put things into her shopping basket when she was at the supermarket for her dad Claude, a GP in Ballsbridge.

The 50-year-old said her mum Anne had moved in with her, so she was not living alone since Claude passed away in February.

"I have been doing good. It's up and down and it's been a very hard time," Claudia told the Herald.


"I moved my mum into my house so she is not on her own, so that is good. And she is very well, thank God."

She said dealing with the loss of her dad was made harder by "little things" rather than all the official jobs she had to go through in the wake of his death.

"It's funny, the big things wash all over you. He has only been dead three months but the big things wash all over you," she said.

"I went in and did his pension, his banking, his funeral, not a problem. It's little things that get you.

"To this day, I go into the supermarket, to Tesco, and I am putting in things, little treat things that he liked, and then I get to the till and I am like, Oh...

"It's a funny thing. It is the little things, or a piece of music.

"I have his ashes at home in my house - so I'm like the mad auld one who talks to her dad's ashes."

Claudia played Nicola in Fair City for 14 years before moving on to further pursue her career in writing, becoming a bestselling author.

She wrote her first book in her Fair City dressing room before it was released in 2004. She left the soap - which turns 30 this year - in 2007.

Her latest book, The Secrets Of Primrose Square, has been released in paperback in recent weeks, while she has another novel in the works, due for release later this summer.

Another of her novels is currently being adapted for the stage.

"I have another one coming out in August and that is called The Women Of Primrose Square. And I have a book that is being made into a play but I can't say much now. It's a whole new world," Claudia said.

Asked if it was a big step for her to transition from acting to writing full-time to now having a play in the works, she said it was a natural move.

"Everything feeds into everything. Look at Maeve Binchy. She was a journalist, she wrote books, then they were turned into movies and plays."

She added that the writing community was an encouraging one to be part of.

"It is the most supportive community you will ever come across."