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I still love my father despite years of sex abuse -- brave Fiona

The brave victim of evil dad Patrick O'Brien says she still loves her father, despite enduring a decade of sexual abuse at his hands.

Fiona Doyle (47) finally saw victory in a life-long battle to see her father jailed.

The 72-year-old had walked free from court on bail earlier this week having been sentenced to 12 years, with nine years suspended.

However, he was back before the court a few days later when his three-year term was activated following a reversal by trial judge Mr Justice Paul Carney.

The woman who won the hearts of the nation, and even the Taoiseach, through her courage in telling her horror story, admitted last night that she still loved her dad, but did not forgive him.

She told Ryan Tubridy on RTE's Late Late Show that seeing her father in the courtroom was "hard. I felt pity, he's still my dad."

Asked if she still loved him, she replied: "Yes."

"Isn't it normal for every child to love her parents?


"When he was being led from court to begin his jail sentence, I nearly shouted at them not to take him.

"I walked out those court doors an orphan, because I left my mother sitting inside there. I haven't told anybody this actually, but I was nearly on the verge of asking her if she wanted a lift home."

Fiona also described some of the horrific effects of the sexual abuse which, the court heard, had become as regular and as normal as having dinner.

She revealed that her father asking her for a cup of coffee at night was the signal to rape her.

She said she has been attending a counsellor for the past two years. "I know I didn't do nothing wrong, but it doesn't stop you feeling uncomfortable. And you feel bad because you make other people feel uncomfortable."

Her life was like "being born and put on a rollercoaster straight away.

"I was put on to a rollercoaster, handcuffed on to it, and it was let go. There was nobody there".