Tuesday 22 January 2019

I still do the band's washing, says Imelda May

Imelda May
Imelda May

RTE's newest star Imelda May may seem like the ultra-glamorous popstar who never has a bad hair day.

But the 40-year-old crooner (left) has revealed she still does the band's washing and is as down-to-earth as she was before finding fame.

"I'm no saint," she said. "I have good days, bad days and PMT days when I want to kill everyone who looks at me. I'm just the same as anyone else."

She said she doesn't feel pressure being in the spotlight and at home she's "just normal."

"I fight with Darrel (her husband) for not bring out the bins, I go to work, I do the best that I can to keep my baby happy and to make sure we have bread and milk in the house. While there are some glamorous days with this job we still come back from tour with a bag of washing and are scrambling to the machine," she said.

"People must think I finish a show and go backstage to get a massage or something. But actually we're looking to see if there's a washing machine in the venue so the band have clean clothes.

"I did a show recently and the band were on stage wondering where I was because they'd started to play and I wasn't out yet, I was backstage putting on a wash!"


The Liberties beauty is winning over a whole new legion of fans, thanks to her hit Sunday night chat and music show.

Recent figures show that an average of 350,000 people are tuning in to see her every weekend, with a high of 750,000 people watching at one point. But she freely admitted to Irish Country Magazine how she finds live TV very daunting, especially without the safety net of autocues and earpieces.

"I was nervous, it's not my comfort zone. But hopefully that will pass. I want it to be relaxed and casual so we have no autocue and there's nobody talking into my ear, which is unusual.

"People will be able to relax more because they know that I'm winging it too," she said.

She insists she has "no aspirations to be a presenter".

"I just want to make music but I'm very passionate about the great bands we have in this country."


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