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I spent my wedding anniversary with my other man - Geri

RTE presenter Geri Maye spent her wedding anniversary with a special man in her life -- but it wasn't her husband.

The game-show presenter's busy schedule meant that she celebrated most of her first anniversary apart from hubby Peter Collins.

Instead she was busy filming the new series of Winning Streak with her co-host Marty Whelan.

"I spent my first wedding anniversary with Marty, which was very special as you can imagine," Geri joked.

"I was with the other man in my life."

Geri and her husband, who was at their home in Castleconnell, Co Limerick made the best of the situation.

"I went down and grabbed a bit of dinner at about nine o' clock that night," said Geri.

While she missed her husband, it seems the long hours Geri and her co-presenter have spent together has led them to develop a close friendship.

At yesterday's launch of the new season of Winning Streak, Geri playfully took a hold of her co-presenter's rear end as they introduced the new format for the long-running gameshow which begins tonight.

The presenter braved the January weather in a navy mini-dress with silver embroidery and black stiletto shoes for yesterday's launch.

Geri married Peter Collins, who runs a car wash and valeting business, in the Holy Trinity Abbey church in the Limerick village of Adare last Christmas.

The presenter commutes between her home in Castleconnell, Co Limerick, where she lives with Peter and the RTE studios in Dublin.

And the Limerick native says that she often is mortified because of the amount of personal belongings that get stocked up in her car.

"I get embarrassed in RTE because sometimes they ask you to open your boot just to check and I would say, 'God, I'm living in my boot'."

Despite the distance and travel strains, Geri feels married life suits her. "People say to me that it must be hard, but it really isn't.

"If anything, it makes things better. because if I haven't seen him in a few days, I get so excited to meet up with him."

There are no children in the immediate future for Geri who is concentrating on her career.

But the former Den presenter said she plans eventually to have children.

"I have always loved children; you couldn't work in The Den and not love children. Peter does, too, and that was really important to me when we met, but we're not really there just yet."

Geri and Marty were speaking at the launch of the new season of the National Lottery's Winning Streak, which will air tonight at 7.35pm on RTE1.

Europe's longest running TV game show has had a make-over, with the introduction of a range of new games, including the fantastic five.

The new game will take over from cash cubes and consists of five different games that gives all the contestants a chance to win.

"We continue to re-invent and re-work the show, which is why it is still so popular," Winning Streak producer Claire Hughes told the Herald.

"It's an all-round family show, a feel-good show and people love it," she added.