Saturday 22 September 2018

'I sometimes feel it's Audrey and me against the world' - Dave Mahon

Dave Mahon and his wife Audrey entering court (Courtpix)
Dave Mahon and his wife Audrey entering court (Courtpix)

WIFE, loyal supporter, companion and friend.

Audrey Mahon has been standing by her man's side all week as he stands accused of the murder of her son, silently and quietly offering her support to him.

Walking into the Criminal Courts of Justice, the couple have frequently been photographed linking arms or holding hands - a sign of Audrey's quiet support of her husband, who she married just last year.

The couple are obviously close.

Indeed, Dave Mahon told gardai that he sometimes thought it was just "me and Audrey against the whole world".

In May 2013, when 23-year-old Dean died, Audrey and Dave had been together for 12 years.

In 2004 the pair had moved to Spain with her two children - Dean and his sister Amy. According to Mr Mahon, it was "all happy family".

Mr Mahon told gardai that the couple were millionaires in Spain, and had seven or eight houses and bars.

However, their perfect life came to an end when 15-year-old Amy went missing in 2008.


Mr Mahon has sat quietly in the dock during his trial, holding onto a walking stick and occasionally shifting in his seat.

For the most part, he has been expressionless, keeping his eyes and his focus squarely on the judge and jury.

He has only shown emotion on one occasion.

Yesterday, the jury was taken through the formal interviews that gardai conducted with Mr Mahon in Coolock Garda Station on May 26 and May 27, 2013.

In those interviews, there was a reference made to photographs of Mr Mahon's deceased mother and of Amy, which were lying on the floor in the accused's Burnell Square apartment.

There was also a joke certificate from Amy to Mr Mahon, which she gave to him in Spain, that called him the "best boozer".

Mr Mahon briefly looked at his wife and the couple smiled at each other at what was obviously a happier time, a happy memory of Amy.

He then welled up.

The couple had been arguing in the weeks leading up to Mr Fitzpatrick's death, mostly about Dean and his behaviour, Mr Mahon told gardai.

However, during the interviews with gardai, Mr Mahon's first concern was for his wife.

"I can't believe he's dead. This will kill Audrey. She took an overdose before," he told them.

He also highlighted the stress of Amy's disappearance, telling gardai their sleeping patterns hadn't been great since she had gone missing.

He repeatedly voiced his concerns for his partner, telling gardai, "The stress of this will kill her", and "How do I face Audrey?".

At one point during the garda interviews, Mr Mahon was asked if he had another girlfriend, in addition to Audrey.

His shocked response: "no, for f**k sake, Audrey would kill me".

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