Wednesday 17 January 2018

I scrubbed toilets before making it on TV, reveals Jen


Jennifer Maguire.
Jennifer Maguire.

New mum Jennifer Maguire is one of the most glamorous presenters on TV but she's revealed her less fabulous former life as a chambermaid and waitress.

Before she made it big in broadcasting, 2FM DJ Jen (right) spent her younger days cleaning dirty loos and wiping up sick after drunken punters.

While she hated the gig, the Apprentice star admitted she learned a thing or two from cleaning up other people's mess.

"I worked as a chambermaid scrubbing toilets, that was my worst job - but now I make a great bed," she joked.

After school, the witty presenter headed to the bright lights of New York where she worked in a late-night cafe and had to deal with rowdy customers.

"I waitressed on the graveyard shift late at night, so I had all the louts coming in when the pubs cleared out," she told the Diary. "They would be getting sick on the floor, smacking your a*se or just being really inappropriate."

But she had at least one customer who was a perfect gent, though she didn't realise it at the time.

Little did Jen know, but her 2FM co-presenter Bernard O'Shea was living in the same area of the city during the 90s.


It was only when the pair started working together in the radio station that they realised they had almost definitely crossed paths in Jen's old workplace.

"I probably served him thinking he was just some 'mullah' because it was mostly Irish customers," she laughed. "It's funny that we were in the same place at the same time and we never knew."

After she left her days of cleaning up for a living behind her, The Unemployables presenter went on to own her own sales company in the UK after appearing in The Apprentice.

The Republic of Telly star admitted that her life is "a little bit easier" since she broke into broadcasting.

"I'm very fortunate in my job now," she said. "I've worked a lot harder in other jobs, especially when I was running a business. Now for the first time in my life it's a little easier."

The Unemployables airs tonight at 9pm on RTE2.

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