Saturday 25 November 2017

I quit Dubs due to juggling sport and work, reveals Ger Brennan

Ger Brennan
Ger Brennan

Former Dublin footballer Ger Brennan has said his early retirement is partly down to the struggle to balance his sporting career and work life.

The defender (30) called time on his inter-county GAA career earlier this week after suffering from a string of injuries since 2013.

Along with the struggle to recover from a groin injury and problem with his Achilles, the St Vincents' man added that juggling his day job as a teacher with training was also a factor.

"Most guys will know what makes us different from professional sports people is rest recovery and a couple of shillings in your bank account at the end of the week," he said.

"I know the GAA have talked and done research into making sure players are catered for in terms of that rest and recovery, but it hasn't been put into practice just yet.

"I was [trying to recover from injury] and trying to do my day job at the same time. I think I trained nearly more trying to get back from injury."

While the All-Ireland winner is calling it quits with the Dubs, he intends to continue playing for his club and hopes to branch into coaching.

However, Ger said there's more to life for him than just football.

"I'm not just a footballer. I love football and GAA, but there's many more things in life," he said.

"If I didn't suffer the injuries, would I be in a different mind space? Absolutely, I mightn't be making this decision."

When it came to playing for his county, Ger told the Anton Savage show he no longer had the same "hunger" - even after watching this year's All Ireland victory.

"One indicator for me was after the All Ireland final this year I didn't have a massive motivation to get back there, whereas previous times I would watch a game and go to the gym after because I was dying to get back on the pitch."

Ger joined Fianna Fail earlier this year, but previously indicated he has no plans to run for office.

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