Thursday 23 November 2017

'I partied with Grace Jones and Philip Treacy in LA', reveals Ruth O'Neill


Ruth O'Neill
Ruth O'Neill

Former model Ruth O'Neill left her glamorous LA life to move home, but she hasn't forgotten all of the glamorous parties she was lucky enough to attend.

The Dubliner was a presenter for E! News and had access to the biggest names in showbiz and some of the most exclusive bashes in Hollywood.

While A-listers can often have a reputation for being awkward interviewees, Ruth said she didn't have a bad experience with anyone.

"They are precious and you end up being used to a lot of ego and all their managers and publicists," she told the Diary.

"But I didn't really have any bad encounters with anyone. I loved Kate Hudson, she was the coolest chick ever - I wanted to go for drinks with her afterwards.

"Karlie Kloss is so warm and lovely and Zoe Saldana was really cool."

Her most memorable night out involved Grace Jones and a famous Irish hat designer, which Ruth said was "surreal".

"I had one very funny night when I was at an after-party for the movie Her," she said.

"It was in the Chateau Marmont and I ended up bumping into Philip Treacy and hanging out with him all night long.

"And then he invited me back to Grace Jones's after party in her penthouse.


"So me and my friend went and I was sitting in between Grace and Philip and she was just awesome.

"I just remember thinking, 'This is the coolest night of my life'.

"It was so surreal. Philip Treacy was calling me his Irish cousin all night - it was mad," she added.

While the glamorous parties were on another level, Ruth said she doesn't miss the competitive nature of living in LA.

"You end up scrutinising everything about yourself when you live over there," she said.

"And your work is so competitive as well; so you're trying to keep up with that and working out and keep up with going on dates - there is a lot of anxiety there.

"Every girl over there works out, some of them even work out twice a day - even if they are not on camera or work in entertainment.

"So you're competing with these girls who have these insane bodies, even for dates.

"It shouldn't be all about looks, but it's just the way it is over there.

"There's definitely a lot less pressure here," she added.

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