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'I offset my carbon footprint', high-flier Laura tells Twitter


Whitmore was criticised for her long flights

Whitmore was criticised for her long flights

Kieran Harnett

Whitmore was criticised for her long flights

Laura Whitmore has hit back at claims she is contributing to the climate crisis by flying back and forth to Cape Town for Love Island.

The TV presenter is in South Africa for some episodes of the ITV2 show, but hosts the series spin-off Aftersun from the UK.

She also hosts a Sunday morning BBC Radio 5 Live show.

After a fan questioned why she did not broadcast from Cape Town, Whitmore said she only travelled to South Africa for certain parts of Love Island and added that she was also an advocate of offsetting your carbon footprint.


The Twitter user posted the message this weekend, asking why Whitmore was "flying from South Africa every weekend to do her Sunday morning radio show then back to SA to present Love Island".

Adding the hashtag #ClimateCrisis, the person added: "Surely there are studios she could broadcast from in SA?"

Whitmore replied: "Hi Jane, Love Island Aftersun is filmed in London - as all the guests are based in the UK.

"I'm only in Cape Town for the finale, public voting etc.

"And I'm an advocate of offsetting carbon footprint you'll notice on my Twitter. Thanks x."

Only days before, Whitmore tweeted about offsetting your carbon footprint, writing: "There's some amazing projects out there that you can use to offset your carbon footprint.

"I use co2nsensus.com as you can choose a wide range of projects to support.

"This time I chose Forest Plantations in Uruguay and they give you a certificate!

"Check them out!"