Tuesday 23 January 2018

'I never google myself because it's addictive,' says Poldark star Aidan


Aidan Turner goes topless in Poldark
Aidan Turner goes topless in Poldark

He's one of Ireland's hottest actors since landing the title role in BBC drama Poldark, but Aidan Turner has insisted his life hasn't changed since taking the role.

The actor (31) admitted that while he could easily get addicted to googling himself, he never reads anything written about him in newspapers or online.

"I don't read any press," he said. "I make it a thing.

"I think I could easily get addicted to googling myself if I did start doing it, so I just stay out of that. It's better not to know, sometimes."

The heartthrob insists that despite his fan base growing since starring in the hit show, he hasn't let the fame change the way he lives his life.

"I just get on with it, you know," he told Radio Times.

"I'm still working, reading scripts and meeting people. When you're on TV you might get stopped in the street the odd time, but I suppose it's how you handle it yourself.

"If you want your life to change, it can change, but if you don't want it to change there are ways you can hold on to all of those things that matter."

The TV star, who plays Captain Ross Poldark in the series, has caused quite a stir with his nude scenes in the historical drama series.

"[Life in Dublin is] fairly calm and relaxed, there's no mania. Not that I can see."

However, the producers of the show have insisted they never anticipated the attention that Aidan's steamy scenes would get as they never asked him to take off his clothes in his auditions.

Damien Timmer, one of the drama's executive producers, told the magazine: "Honestly, we were pretty innocent about the shirt taking-off stuff.

"No, really, Ross does it in the book. Besides, we didn't audition him with his clothes off."

Timmer said that the chemistry between Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson, who plays his kitchen maid turned wife Demelza, delighted the show's executive producers.

"[We were] digging each other in the ribs because it was just better than we ever thought it would be," he said.

"Aidan has that integrity in the way he plays Ross, he commits to it so completely, he is Ross in all of his complex brooding."


Filming begins in September on the second series of the Cornish saga, which has pulled in an average audience of more than eight million.

Debbie Horsfield, who has already written five episodes of the new instalment, hinted about the next series: "Ross is reckless and forever getting stuck in, without being a crusading character, but he can't bear to see unfairness and inequality even when there's nothing in it for him.

"So he brings himself to the brink of disaster, and Demelza, a forceful and powerful character in her own right, is taken along with him."

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