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I need to find a bump-friendly outfit for awards

I have my first pregnancy fashion dilemma this week.

I'm off to the Tatler Women of the Year Awards on Saturday night and I keep forgetting that I can't fit into my normal size clothes anymore.

My brain says I can but my hips and arse say 'are ya having a laugh?'

The bump is growing and it's getting more difficult to fit into, well, anything that's in my wardrobe but I'm loving being pregnant and just cannot wait to meet the little one.

I feel really blessed. I'm looking forward to the awards as it's a great celebration of women's achievements and is always such a fun night.

I have been taking off Katie Taylor (inset) in some radio sketches this week so I'm not keen on bumping into the boxer in case I get a punch.

I'm taking my sister Linda and its always a great girlie night.

I started pregnancy yoga recently and absolutely love it. It's just nice being around other pregnant women and listening to their stories because, let's face it, all the women of this world who have had kids are liars.


Yep, it's true. The hormone released after birth makes them forget everything. From sickness to weird pains to the worst pain of your life.

Yoga is great for a little time out. The techniques are a great way to help you cope with labour but I do enjoy the snooze at the end of a session.

I'm thinking of starting a class that just involves snoozing. Skip the chats and stretches and go straight in for the kip at the end. I think it would be a huge hit with every pregnant woman in Ireland.

It's amazing even being pregnant how much you value your sleep.