Wednesday 13 December 2017

I moved to LA because no one would know me - Donna

Donna McCaul
Donna McCaul
Donna McCaul with brother Joe at the Eurovision

Eurovision singer Donna McCaul has admitted she left Ireland for Hollywood because she felt she needed a "clean slate".

The Athlone musician, who represented Ireland in the song contest with her brother Joe ten years ago, moved to LA in 2013 to pursue her singing career.

The singer-songwriter, whose songs have featured in new movie Dark Moon Rises and popular series American Horror Story, said she was eager to move somewhere no one knew her as she found it difficult to shake off her Euovision image.

"I felt like in Ireland as a musician myself and Joe had done a lot and I just felt as though I got to the stage where I was repeating myself," she said.

"I'm very serious about music and I just wanted a change, to go somewhere where no one knew me and to start all over again and try and work my way up from there."

Donna has come a long way since her You're A Star days, having recently signed a publishing deal with music giants Sony.

She is also a member of a new band called Weekend Celebrity and will feature as a contestant on the US version of singing competition The Voice.

"I'm going to be involved a lot more than people think at the minute," Donna said.

The songstress's brother Joe has also returned to the limelight recently when he competed in X Factor, only to be booted out of the competition earlier this month.

During his time on the show, Joe, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, was at the receiving end of harsh criticism from music mogul Simon Cowell about his looks and Donna admitted some of the judge's comments "threw" her.

However, she added that she was proud of her brother for not letting the negative comments get to him.

"Joe has been taking a lot of criticism since Eurovision and I think what he's doing is showing people that's not going to knock him down," Donna told the Ryan Tubridy Show on RTE Radio 1.

Donna added the music industry isn't solely focused on looks and that the talent of aspiring singers is what's most important.


"Let's be honest - how many famous singers out there do not look like stars? It's all about the vocals, the songs, the hits," the Westmeath native said.

"I don't think anybody should worry about how they look. If you have it you have to go with it. People commend him for going in and doing it after everything he's been through, the whole MS thing as well. He got himself back together and back on track," she said.

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