Tuesday 12 December 2017

'I might do a Marian on marriage and wait 30 years before getting married' reveals Claire Byrne

Gerry Scollan and Claire Byrne last summer
Gerry Scollan and Claire Byrne last summer
Claire Byrne
Marian Finucane pictured with her husband John Clarke

Broadcaster Claire Byrne has revealed that she might "do a Marian Finucane" and wait 30 years before marrying her fiance Gerry.

The couple have been together for more than three years and have two children: one-year-old Patrick and four-month-old Jane but Claire is in no rush up the aisle.

"I'm inspired by Marian Finucane who got married after 30 years with John," she said.

"I said to Gerry, we might do the same the way things are going.

"We might have to wait 30 years before we get married because we're so busy and we don't have time to think about a wedding," she added.

They had planned to marry last November but their nuptials were delayed when she discovered she was pregnant with Jane.

"We did have it planned for last year, but obviously with Jane, we postponed everything," she told Woman's Way magazine.

"No firm plans as yet, but we could take a notion some day and just go out and do it.

"But I think the way Marian did it is pretty cool - the low-key style that she did. Minimal fuss, nice family occasion and that's what we'll be doing if we get around to it anytime soon," she added.

Claire believes there's a strong history of female current affairs correspondents in RTE.

"We have some great role models ... Olivia O'Leary, Marian Finucane, there's always been a strong contingent of women," she said.

"We've a great tradition of women of all ages being involved in current affairs broadcasting and long may it continue," she added.

Meanwhile, her own Monday night show Claire Byrne Live has had an average of 243,000 tuning in each week.


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