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I may be growing old disgracefully, but I'm no ageing 'fossil' just yet

I'm starting to tour my new show The Fresh Prince of Delamere at the moment and the third-level colleges and universities are often where I start. Athlone IT and UCC were this week.

I'm not a whole lot sure the students quite understood the reference in the show's title to a TV series that was probably made before they were born, but they were still a great audience.

My show isn't even about the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air TV series. I'm hardly "West Philadelphia, born and raised".

It's more about the stuff that's happened to me in the last year but if a title like that pops into your head, it's definitely getting used.

A terrible pun is sometimes too irresistible to pass up.

I am waiting for the year that I go out to talk to students half my age and our experiences are just too different.


Instead of laughing, they will be entirely uncomprehending and just stare blankly at me like I've French-kissed their mother in front of them. Thankfully, 2014 wasn't the one. Maybe next year.

At one point however, a student was playing with his watch and I asked what sort it was.

I took his one-word response to be a brand name and not an age-related heckle - "Fossil!".

I feel like I know UCC, in particular, at this stage because I gig there pretty much every year.

And if you're looking for any history experts, UCC is also one of the best places to go. I interviewed half of its history faculty down there during the summer for the latest series of comedy documentaries I'm doing called Holding Out For A Hero.


In fact, now that I think about it, one of them still owes me a tenner over a bet about the Scottish Independence referendum. You know who you are!

I'm sure he'll be reminded to pay when the series which is about Irish heroes, starts on RTE2 in a couple of weeks on December 1.

In Holding Out For A Hero, I take a wry look at four heroes from Irish history - Grace O'Malley, Red Hugh O'Donnell, Cu Chulainn and Fionn Mac Cumhail.

As for the new live show, my tour is going to take me all over the country from December to March, I'm playing in Derry and Cork and everywhere in between.

Being on tour is a great buzz. It's great playing small venues in some towns and then coming to Dublin to play the iconic Vicar Street. That place has always been a favourite among Irish comedians.