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'I loved reaction to our accents,' says Dornan


Dornan and Blunt in the new movie Wild Mountain Thyme

Dornan and Blunt in the new movie Wild Mountain Thyme

Dornan and Blunt in the new movie Wild Mountain Thyme

Jamie Dornan has dismissed the scathing reaction over his and co-star Emily Blunt's Irish accents in the film Wild Mountain Thyme as "funny".

Dornan, who is from Holywood, Co Down, and Blunt, from London, play star-crossed lovers in the romantic drama set in rural Ireland.

However, their accents in the trailer, which was released last month, prompted mockery from some Irish viewers, with Dublin Airport's official Twitter feed calling for the "accent police".

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show's New Year's Eve special, the 50 Shades Of Grey star said the response was typical of Irish humour.

"I thought the reaction was funny. I'm from Ireland and our currency is taking the piss, so it's rare to put something out there and not have the piss taken. I'm all for it," said Dornan (38).

The film, written and directed by John Patrick Shanley, also stars Jon Hamm and Christopher Walken and tells a love story set against the landscapes of rural Ireland.

Dornan and Blunt play lovers Anthony and Rosemary, whose families are caught up in a feud over a hotly-contested patch of land that separates their two farms.

"John Patrick Shanley has a kookiness to his work. His are not normal linear movies, they're all a bit heightened and a bit odd, but the words are beautiful," Dornan said of the script.

Blunt (37) also praised the writing, adding: "When we read the script, we thought it was so bewitching and completely unique.

"It's odd, lyrical and romantic, so we're just excited for people to see it because it's so uplifting and it certainly sweeps you away to a magical world. It's a joy."

Dornan, who has three daughters with wife Amelia Warner, said his children had helped him through lock- down.


"If you have kids, it can make it a lot harder in many respects but also save you in many ways," he said.

"They take your mind off the daily trauma while living through a pandemic.

"They would dress me up and I'm all for that - particularly putting on a dress."

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