Sunday 17 February 2019

'I looked to Saoirse for guidance', says co-star Laurie (62)

Actress Laurie Metcalf hit it off with Saoirse Ronan
Actress Laurie Metcalf hit it off with Saoirse Ronan

Actress Laurie Metcalf has told how she sought advice from Saoirse Ronan about how to make movies when they starred together in Lady Bird.

Metcalf (62) played Saoirse's mother in the critically acclaimed indie flick, which saw her nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards. Saoirse was nominated for Best Leading Actress.

Despite her years in the business, Roseanne star Metcalf turned to 24-year-old Saoirse for advice as she believed she had more film experience.

"I was looking to Saoirse for my way through being in a movie again," she said.

"She has so much more film experience than I do. I don't know my way around a movie set and she does, clearly.

Saoirse Ronan
Saoirse Ronan

"I would look to her for guidance in the scenes. It was a wonderful shoot."


Metcalf has worked prolifically in theatre and television but it had been nearly a decade since she took on a film role before Lady Bird.

"I couldn't have asked for a better scene partner," she said of Saoirse.

The film followed the Carlow woman as she played California teenager Christine 'Lady Bird' McPherson, who dreams of escaping her hometown.

Metcalf said the pair clicked as soon they met.

"We hit it off right away. We got to do a couple of rehearsals with director Greta Gerwig in her office," she said during an appearance on NBC's Today show. "We were on the same page to begin with. Greta Gerwig wrote it in a way that was universal.

"She had a beautiful cast and she directed it perfectly. It was just heavenly."

Saoirse already has more acting projects lined up following her success with Lady Bird, which saw her take home the Golden Globe award for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical.

She will next star as the titular character in Mary, Queen of Scots, a biopic following the life of the queen, with Margot Robbie starring as Queen Elizabeth I.

The film is slated for release in early December, when many movies hoping to be considered for the Oscars come out. She will also star alongside Annette Bening and Elisabeth Moss in drama The Seagull.

Saoirse had been nominated twice for an Oscar before Lady Bird, receiving nods for Atonement in 2008 and Brooklyn in 2016.

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