Monday 22 January 2018

'I hope it won't be as bruising,' says Dubliner who worked on Hillary Clinton's last campaign

Cllr Noel Rock with Hillary Clinton
Cllr Noel Rock with Hillary Clinton

A DUBLIN councillor who worked on Hillary Clinton's last presidential run has said he hopes her 2016 campaign "won't be so bruising".

Noel Rock cut his teeth in politics working for the former First Lady both in the US Senate and on her 2008 run when she battled Barack Obama for the Democratic Party nomination.

She lost out on that occasion after a lenghty and rough campaign.

"I think she has been preparing properly for at least two years now and has learned a lot from her previous run," Mr Rock, a Fine Gael city councillor, told the Herald.

He thinks 2016 will be the year Hillary finally takes the White House for herself and says that her experience since then as Secretary of State will stand to her in her latest presidential run.

Last time around in 2008, he said the historic nature of Mr Obama's campaign - his bid to be the first African-American President - "nullified the argument of the historic significance of her campaign" to be the fist woman president.

"The campaign went blow for blow in every one of the states and ran on for the best part of a year," he said and commented on his former boss's remarkable ability to bounce back from a loss.


"Hopefully it won't be so bruising this time around and Hillary will be the democratic standard.

"There is a huge impetus behind her campaign and her experience as a leader.

"I think that the whole party are united around her at this stage, but only time will tell."

This weekend, President Obama fell just short of endorsing his former opponent when he told reporters that she would make an "excellent president".

He noted that the intense focus on Ms Clinton's professional and private life both when she was First Lady in her husband Bill Clinton's White House and of her time at the state department is "unfair".

Cllr Rock added that: "The higher level of scrutiny is deeply unfair and she has had to work that much harder and I'm hoping with this candidacy she will be able to break the last bit of the glass ceiling."

"She [Hillary] will make an excellent president."

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