Thursday 17 January 2019

I hit rock bottom in the Big Brother house after marriage split - Edele

Edele Lynch has said she hit "rock bottom" in the Celebrity Big Brother house after her marriage split.

The B*Witched singer (35) has admitted that just before she went into the show how her eight-year-marriage to Michael Barrett was over.

And breaking her silence on the sad split, she revealed how hard it was to deal with all her mixed emotions on the Channel 5 reality show.


"I had so much time in there to think and I feel like I did hit the rock bottom of my emotions. I had a bit of a cry. But I knew that I had to feel it and then stand up and start again. I had to go through that," she said.

"Now I feel like I'm ready to move on. The actual Big Brother experience has changed my life and I needed it because I was away from my kids, on my own and I needed to press the 'reset' button on my life. It gave me that opportunity to hide away from my everyday life and get rid of all those emotions."

The news of her separation broke shortly after she went into the reality house - but she said that was completely unplanned.

"How do you tell people you're separated? Unless you're the kind of person who would put out a press release or tell everyone on Twitter, you keep it to yourself.

"It actually feels really good that it's out there now and we have been apart for a while. We decided to split in December and we didn't actually announce it until April. Just before the show, we went into lockdown in a hotel and there was loads of press there and they were asking me a question I couldn't answer. So I just said, 'Look I'm not actually married anymore'."

The pair, who married in 2006, have three children together - Ceol (7), Harley (4) and Enya (2) - and she said things are good with her former husband.

She added: "It is amicable, it has to be. We've got three kids together that we absolutely adore, but it hasn't been easy. We had been struggling for a few years. We tried counselling, the lot but it just wasn't working. The kids weren't getting the quality attention from either of us and that wasn't fair."


Edele, whose brother is Boyzone's Shane Lynch, said that going on the programme was a "blessing in disguise".

"I'm a working mum so as well as getting paid to go on, I also got to sort some things out in my head," she added.

Although she had a quick kiss with Gogglebox star George Gilbey during the show, she said they're "just really good friends".

She was out in Change lingerie at Pavilions in Swords modelling Britney Spears new Intimate underwear range.

She said she was "incredibly honoured" to be chosen as the Irish brand ambassador, given that she has three kids and is in her 30s.


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