Friday 14 December 2018

'I haven't been on a date since last year' admits model Holly Carpenter


Holly Carpenter
Holly Carpenter

Former Miss Ireland Holly Carpenter is one of Dublin's most eligible singletons but she has revealed that she hasn't been on a date since last year.

The 24-year-old broke up with rugby star Cian Healy last summer and she says they haven't spoken since.

"No, not dating anyone. I'm nearly single a year, which is the longest I have ever been since I was seventeen," she said.

"This year I have not been on a date, that's four months I guess. But there are a lot of nice guys out there."

While Holly and rugby star Cian were together for two years, she admits they haven't seen each other since they split.

"It's weird, we live so near each other but I didn't see him at all," she admitted. "We don't talk at all."

While no one has taken her fancy just yet, Holly does have some rules she goes by when it comes to dating.

"Number one would be height because I'm tall especially when I'm in heels - 6ft 2in because I'm 6ft in heels so you can understand," she said.

"They need to be taller than me and I just love funny guys. That's my number one - someone who can have the craic. Tall and funny."


Last year Holly moved from the Andrea Roche Model Agency to Assets, but now she has decided to return to Andrea as she is now working on her website hollycarpenterblog.com.

"I'm happy to be back. I was with Assets for about a year but Andrea is really great at managing people who have blogs; with the likes of Roz and Pippa and Rosanna," she said.

"[They're] the kind of girls that do interviews and appearances so it made sense to go back this year."

While she is working hard on her lifestyle website, Holly reveals that she won't be going down the healthy recipe route like her colleagues Rosanna Davison and Roz Purcell.

"My blog's about issues that girls come across every day, whether it's dating and stuff or dilemmas," she said.

"I did a few recipes at the start then I was like, what am I doing? I don't even like cooking."

Her blog covers everything from gadget reviews to her skincare regime and while this is Holly's priority right now, she hasn't ruled out a return to TV.

"I love doing TV but it is quite stressful watching it because of the editing. But I'm lucky that I have my family and friends that I can laugh it off," she said.

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