Wednesday 20 February 2019

'I had to tell secretary she wasn't a sour-faced cow'

Sharon Horgan co-wrote show with Graham Linehan
Sharon Horgan co-wrote show with Graham Linehan

Comedy actress Sharon Horgan had to apologise to her daughter's school secretary for a character she created in the sitcom, Motherland.

The performer and producer co-wrote the show with Father Ted creator Graham Linehan.

However, she has admitted that there was lots of apologising before the new show aired just in case she had offended anyone.

"I had to go up to the secretary of my daughter's school and do a sort of 'in advance' apology because we used a school secretary-type character who we describe as a 'sour-faced cow'.

"So, just to let her know that while the character is slightly based on her, she's definitely not a 'sour faced cow'. I have to do that a lot."

She said another character called Liz was "50pc based on a close friend".


"I mean, really specific, forensic detail in there. I completely in advance warned her," said Horgan.

"As she was telling me some terrible aspects of her life I was like, 'I'm using this'."

Most of the inspiration for her new BBC2 show came from Horgan's own experience of motherhood.

The mum-of-two said the show was written from a "warts and all" perspective.

"I think sometimes people are uncomfortable with showing mothers not doing a great job.

"Maybe things have relaxed a bit. Now, we're allowed to do that."

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