Thursday 17 January 2019

I had to talk Hozier out of his denim jacket for Jools appearance - stylist Grace

Hozier wasn't allowed to don his trademark denim jacket when he took to the stage on Later with Jools Holland last night.

His Dublin-based stylist Grace Moore revealed to the Diary that she coerced him into a slicker look for his BBC performance.

"He does love his casual gear, but for Jools and Saturday Night Live we had to take it up a notch so we picked some nice blazers for him to wear," she said.

However, it wasn't always so easy to get him into smarter clothes.

"He sees himself as a musician first and he really doesn't buy into the idea of being a styled star.

"He's all about the music but he has started shopping a little bit more now so my influence must have rubbed off on him.

"Hopefully we'll be going on a shopping spree soon," she laughed.

Grace doesn't think the Take me To Church singer will be changing his style too much any time soon, though.

"I won't get him into a tie and three-piece suit until he wins a Grammy, which I'm sure he will," she joked.

Grace has been styling the Bray native since the start of his career and said it's such a rush seeing him perform.

"Everyone thinks that working in fashion is really glamorous but it is really hard work too.

"The most glamorous part is getting to see him perform and he was amazing on Today FM yesterday," she continued.

"It's also brilliant when I see him performing on shows like Ellen DeGeneres and David Letterman because even though I've only picked his clothes, I feel like I've contributed a little bit," she added.

The fashionista, who also styles top Irish actress Saoirse Ronan, said that despite his fame, Hozier is extremely down to earth. "He's not a diva within any sense of the word.

"He's so famous now but he's such a cool guy and it really hasn't gone to his head. It's brilliant to work with him," she added.


And in good news for his fans, Hozier also revealed that he's currently free and single.

While he admitted he's not attached, he did say that he's not looking for a girlfriend because he's "living out of a suitcase at the moment".

Speaking about his new level of fame, the Trinity College graduate said that his success hasn't come easily.

"I don't feel any different to be honest.

"I'm not home all that much but I feel I'm perceived completely differently in Ireland, compared to around the world," he said.

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