Sunday 17 December 2017

'I got steak knife through Dublin airport security'

Kelley Murtagh on holidays in America. (Inset) her steak knife
Kelley Murtagh on holidays in America. (Inset) her steak knife

An Irish woman has claimed she accidentally carried a 'small steak knife' through Dublin Airport security.

She says the incident "could not have been a once off" - after it emerged a man brought a knife onto a German-bound flight last week.

Kelley Murtagh (30) was headed to the US, via Heathrow, with her friend when the incident occurred last month.

She recalled that she'd had "a busy day" in the run-up to departure and just threw her case together, not thinking to check the compartments.

Kelley says she arrived from Dublin in Heathrow at 9pm with only a half an hour to make their flight to America.

"We were in a panic to try and get to our gate".

The ladies attempted to go through security at Heathrow but Kelly's bag was stopped.

"The woman said 'are you aware you have a knife in your bag?'... I was absolutely shocked," Kelley said.

"My bag got through Dublin Airport security with no problems.

"Luckily, they could see I was genuinely shocked it was there and we were let go".

She believes the repercussions for her could have been far worse had it been discovered in the US upon arrival.

"As panicked and rushed as I was, I think it would have been much worse to be stopped in America. I think I would have been sent home if that had happened.

"If it can happen to me just three weeks ago, it can happen again," she said.

A spokesperson for Dublin Airport said in a statement that "safety and security of passengers is our number one priority".

"Our security systems and processes are audited regularly at national and EU level as well as internally," the statement read.

"It is our policy not to comment on individual security related matters".

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