Thursday 27 June 2019

I got funny looks over my 'Damo and Ivor' hairdo

She plays Tracey Rooney on Damo and Ivor and actress Eimear Morrissey says getting into character was quite the transformation.

"When I went in for the first day of filming I thought I was going to be wearing a wig - I didn't think I was going to have to keep the braids in my hair for over a month," Eimear told the Diary.

"It was incredible - it took six-and-a-half hours to put the braids into my hair and I had to keep them in while we were filming, so most of the cast never even saw what I looked like without them.

"I couldn't let them get wet either, so showering was fun," she laughed.

The Clonsilla native even had to attend her friend's wedding with the braids in.

"People had thought I'd gone mad. But then when the show came out everyone understood," she said.

"Before that I think my friends were all afraid to mention it in case it was a new hairstyle," she joked.

Filming for the second season of the top show was a lot easier, Eimear admitted.

"This summer it wasn't so bad because most people knew that I was in the show so I didn't get so many awkward looks in the supermarket," she said.


Once filming ended, the 31-year-old admitted that having the braids taken out was the best feeling.

"It took five of the cast about half-an-hour to take all the braids out so that I could get my hair done for the wrap party," Eimear said.

"I spent the whole night running my hands through my hair.

"It just felt so light as well.

"The looks on the cast and crew's faces were priceless because they hadn't seen me without the braids," she added.

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