Tuesday 21 November 2017

'I gave up drinking and feel good as gold now', says Baz

Baz gets pulse checked by mammy Nancy at Lloyd’s launch
Baz gets pulse checked by mammy Nancy at Lloyd’s launch

Baz Ashmawy has told of how he ditched the booze after making an RTE programme on Islam.

The 50 Ways To Kill Your Mammy star spoke about his decision to go on the wagon following his show The Lost Muslim.

The Emmy-winner, whose dad was Egyptian, said it had left a lasting impression on him.

"In your head, you still think you're this young fella, but you have to change your life," he said.

"The lifestyle I have at the moment, I've a really young family so I try to eat well and be healthy. The drink thing, I gave it up after doing the Muslim documentary and just never went back on it.

"That's not to say I wouldn't, but when I was doing the documentary I was taking up Islam so that was part of it. Muslims don't drink, but I just didn't miss it.


"You can try, but you have to find a healthy lifestyle that suits you, and for me, I'm much happier the way I'm living at the moment."

Baz said he's getting an interesting reaction from those around him.

"People lose their minds when they hear you're not drinking. They can't handle it at all," he said.

He has two children with fiancee Tanja Evans and she has four children from a previous relationship, making for a very busy household.

"You have to promote some form of healthier lifestyle. It's amazing what sobriety does for your head.," said Baz. "It's a choice. You need an excuse or a reason to be healthy, so once you make that choice it's good for your health and heart."

He was speaking at an event for Lloyd's pharmacy, which will offer free blood pressure checks for National Heart Health Day on Thursday.

"I'm as good as gold now, but I train and have a healthy lifestyle," said Baz.

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