Wednesday 22 November 2017

'I found modelling uncomfortable', says DJ Daniella Moyles


Although Daniella Moyles still models, she is glad she doesn't have to rely entirely on it for an income now.
Although Daniella Moyles still models, she is glad she doesn't have to rely entirely on it for an income now.

Daniella Moyles says she's delighted to be working on radio saying that the uncertainty of a modelling career sometimes left her feeling like she was "clutching at straws".

The 27-year-old made her name as a model before she moved into broadcasting more than a year ago.

While she started her new slot presenting Spin 1038's breakfast show this week, Daniella still works as a model and is on the books at Distinct Model Management.

Other well-known faces at Distinct include Burberry model Li-Ann Small and Jack Reynor's fiance Madeline Mulqueen.

"My whole approach to work has changed since getting a full-time job. When you're in the modelling industry you sometimes feel like you're clutching at straws," Daniella told the Diary.

"I can only speak for myself but I was always trying to find my footing and I always felt very uncomfortable doing it - I always had the feeling it could be pulled out from under you at any time.


"Now that I've found my own place and my own job, I feel so much more relaxed about everything. If things are going to happen, they'll happen," she added.

Since combining modelling with her job on Spin, the brunette says she feels more at ease to pick and choose the jobs she wants to do.

"Modelling can be very seasonal with work and I still enjoy it and dip in and out," she said.

"But I'd say 'no' to more things than I'd say 'yes' to these days, which is actually lovely.

"It's funny because as soon as you're done with something, it comes back to you. I was totally finished with modelling as soon as I moved into radio - I thought it was a closed chapter and I moved to Distinct to mediate whatever requests did come in.

"It's actually been one of the best moves, it's so easy now. I don't have to take anything I don't want, I can just see what comes in and it's worked out well that I can take a few nice jobs here and there," she added.

While she's happy at Spin, Daniella admits moving from the evening slot to the morning shift with her co-presenter Cormac Moore will be a tough adjustment.

"I am going to get so fat," she joked. "I did it for two weeks before and I felt like I was so out of sorts, you have your breakfast at six in the morning but you're still staying up until nine.

"I presume I'll get into a routine eventually," she added.

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