Tuesday 20 November 2018

I forgot to tell Colin I was gay, even though our whole family knew, reveals brother Eamon Farrell

Eamon Farrell, brother of actor Colin Farrell with his partner Stephen Mannion
Eamon Farrell, brother of actor Colin Farrell with his partner Stephen Mannion
Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell's brother has revealed how he told his whole family that he was gay - but accidentally forgot to tell his film star sibling.

Eamon Farrell said that his younger brother made the discovery himself and decided it was his job to let the rest of his family know.

"Colin found a box under my bed, with a lock on it - which obviously meant break the lock," the Dublin native joked.

"When he opened it he found copies of the Gay Times and Gay Community News.

"He was always the little man in the family so he sat my mam and sisters down at the kitchen table when I was out and said he had something to tell them.

"When he told them that I was gay, they all said they had known for years."

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

Eamon, who is canvassing for 'Yes' votes in the upcoming referendum on marriage equality, admitted that his actor brother is still annoyed about how he found out.

"He's still disgusted that he had to find out that way," said Eamon. "I just forgot to tell him. God knows, I'd told anyone who'd listen."

Colin will still always have his big brother's back though, as Eamon admitted the True Detective star has always stood up for him.

"His support and love as my little brother has always been without question, and he would fight my corner whenever I need him, as I would his," he said.

Speaking to the Sunday World, Eamon also revealed he had received a "sinister" anti-gay leaflet at his Sandymount home this week.

The Dubliner shares his home with his husband Stephen Mannion, who he wed in Canada six years ago where gay and straight couples have equal marriage rights.

Earlier this year, Colin made a heartfelt plea for marriage equality after years witnessing his brother's struggles.

Speaking on Claire Byrne Live, the former Ballykissangel star opened up about the bullying his brother went through because of his sexual orientation.

"I remember him coming home with blood on his shirt, and he got plenty of beatings and he got just called names continuously," Colin revealed.

"So he had a very, very, very tough time, a lot of cruelty, like real, absolute shameful cruelty," he said.

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