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I fool dad with false plots - Downton Allen

Allen Leech

Downton Abbey star Allen Leech has told how he loves teasing his dad by feeding him spoof story-lines from the period show.

The Dublin actor, who is starring in the new World War Two movie Imitation Game, said his family are constantly asking him for upcoming plotlines.

The 33-year-old, who plays ex-chauffeur Tom Branson in Downton, told ITV's This Morning that he has great fun winding his father up by telling him dramatic but false plotlines.

"I tell him lies and then they get filtered back to me," he said. "I told him Matthew Crawley went blind and he rang me and said he never went blind! He'd told loads of people."

Meanwhile, Leech said some of Downton's fans weren't too happy when he recently jokingly tweeted about meeting his fictional late wife when he posted a photo of Lady Sybil's gravestone.


"Filming today saw me meet up with my ex-wife! Tried to start a convo but she didn't speak a word to me! Awkward!!," he tweeted.

He said some of the show's loyal fans were not amused.

"It was back on set. I just thought it would be funny. We were out filming and I said, 'Met my ex-wife, pretty cold, didn't have too much to say'," he said. "The fans said it was too soon."

Leech remained tight-lipped about whether his Irish character Tom Branson will leave Downton for America or stay in England with his adopted aristocratic family.

"At the minute he is trying to decide exactly what he wants to do and obviously he has the opportunity to go Stateside but we'll see. Downton is his home," he said.