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I felt sick that Fiona's evil father walked free -- Roz

TV star Roz Flanagan, who has spoken out about her childhood abuse, said it's "pathetic" that Patrick O'Brien walked free from court despite admitting to the repeated rape of his daughter

The glamorous socialite (48) said she was disgusted when the 72-year-old had nine years of his 12-year sentence for abusing Fiona Doyle suspended.

And mum-of-four Roz said she watched the news of him getting bailed in horrified disbelief -- saying it sent out the worst message to other abuse victims.

"He should never have seen the light of day after what he did and our so-called legal system has let him away with this. My jaw just dropped open and the hairs on my arm stood on end when I saw it on the news, I felt sick to my stomach," she told the Herald.


"People out there who are abusers and paedophiles and rapists must be thinking, 'We're fine. Your man got away with it and so could we'. I really don't know what the hell is going on in this country. Words actually fail me -- it is a disgrace."

Roz has been a long-time supporter of CARI, a support organisation for sexual abuse victims, but only recently opened up about her own childhood experience on the TV3 reality show Dublin Wives.

Roz said her heart went out to abuse victim Fiona and commended her bravery and her fight for justice.

"To me, this whole thing sends out such a bad message to women.

"Whether you're raped in your own home or on a night out, what is our law saying to us?

"It's an awful message to send out, it's pathetic. What that woman has been through is just horrendous."