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'I felt like a failure' - Model mum Michelle Doherty reveals post-natal depression hell


Michelle Doherty with Mark O'Shea and their son Max

Michelle Doherty with Mark O'Shea and their son Max

Michelle Doherty

Michelle Doherty


Michelle Doherty with Mark O'Shea and their son Max

Former Xpose presenter Michelle Doherty revealed she felt like she was "a failure as a mum" after the birth of her son Max as she battled post-natal depression.

The Donegal native and her partner Mark O'Shea - who are based in London - welcomed their little boy last August.

"The pressure of being a new mum is supposed to be natural but I felt a failure as a mum," she said.

"I felt I couldn't look after myself, let alone this beautiful baby boy.

"I wasn't happy because I was so emotionally wrecked.

"Days became weeks and weeks became months, and I wasn't bouncing back to my normal self like I thought I would."

While her family came to visit them, she felt she lacked a support network in the English capital.

"I had no support around me because I live in London.

"That sounds harsh on my family, which I don't mean it to be," she said.

"They came over from Donegal loads and I do have some friends here, but I don't have family around the corner to call on when I need them.

"I was in London on my own with a new group of friends and Mark was off at work.


"I tried to be the perfect partner as well as the perfect mum.

"There was cleaning and cooking to be done as well as raising baby Max and it got too much for me.

"I had lots of bad days and I still have bad moments, but things are definitely improving," she added.

With the help of a counsellor, Michelle (38) started to work through her post-natal depression.

"I had a healthy baby boy with the man of my dreams and I was unhappy," she told the Sunday World.

"Am I over it? No. But I have had another big change in recent months and it has been in a positive direction.

"I want new mums to know that there is help out there - don't bottle up the feelings," she added.